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Medix CBD

Medix CBD is an online wellness store that deals in selling CBD related products.
Medix CBD is an online wellness store
Medix CBD is an online wellness store
Medix CBD known for selling CBD and hemp-related products

Project Overview

Medix CBD
Wellness Store
Project Type: E-commerce
Medix CBD is an online wellness store known for selling CBD and hemp-related products. They believe in delivering the top-notch quality of products to your doorsteps, and so their CBD products are sourced from the best quality hemp, which is grown using organic farming techniques.


Medix CBD is just not selling CBD products; they are wellness stores contributing towards improving medical science. They are true CBD promoters as they believe that the benefits of CBD should be reaching everyone who either doesn’t know the benefits of CBD or is looking to find someone who can provide the truest form of it. So with their vision to cater to the benefits of CBD, we, as a digital marketing and web development company, provided them with our SEO services along with required assistance in terms of web development.

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Medix CBD
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Medix CBD
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