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Domain Authority, also known as DA, is a relative metric for search engines. It was developed by MOZ to assign websites a score, between 1 and 100. You can call it Moz DA 2.0 (for the latest version). The higher the number assigned, the bigger are the chances that the website will pop out on Google or Bing. In short, the higher DA reflect a higher success level of your website.

Moz DA 2.0 #Q1: How Is Domain Authority Calculated?

Using over 40 different ranking signals (some say them ecommerce SEO checklist) and interconnecting the total links and age of domains, Moz’s formulated their update upon machine learning calculations. Where the problem lies is that a tougher and complex keyword requires the DA to align. And the fact that it’s not an absolute metric, it’s comparative.

With high DA your website becomes more trustworthy and believed to provide high-quality contents. To increase DA, you should constantly practice SEO as a web developer, content writer, and marketer. They must refer to trustworthy sources and external links. Your website can go from 40 to 50 DA really quick, but it takes time to get DA 70 or above.

Moz DA 2.0 #Q2: Why MOZ Domain Authority Updated?

Although the DA was supposed to be a fail-proof system, it seems that there were a few black hat methods that could interfere with the accuracy of a website’s DA. This meant that the DA could no longer be an accurate measuring tool.

Since the latest Google Algorithms update rolled out, a lot of criticism has been directed at Moz. As the DA was unable to cope with some of the new features that Google used. In light of that, they created an update to their Domain Authority tailored to enhance the discoverability of ‘black hat’ techniques and link sellers.

Moz DA 2.0 #Q3: What are the key improvements in DA2.0?

With an inextricable link to SERPs and the dynamic for link manipulation, MOZ Domain Authority update seeks to bring something new that is different from its competitors. Furthermore, MOZ DA 2.0 metric is more grounded and this bolstered and enhanced their machine learning model. It now recognizes and utilizes a number of new factors for determining a website’s DA scores.

MOZ improvised its machine learning model and made significant improvements to its data sets, which enhances its predictions ability. As a result, this upgrade shows a more efficient data set able to comprehend and classify websites without any rank for keywords. This newly enhanced training set aims to closely align a website with its actual performance in a Google SERP.

MOZ has streamlined its model for accuracy and switched to a neural network from the generic complex linear model. The neural network is the leading technology in the field as it is modeled based on the human brain and the nervous system. The benefits of this revolutionary model bring a host of new possibilities, especially how it’s able to detect link manipulation which makes DA scores more accurate.

The DA has broadened its scope in evaluating a ranking score, which now also factors in spam and link quality. This enhances accuracy and presents a precise specification of a website’s results. With this update, the ranking scores have been immensely improved.

Finally, the link index has been upgraded and this empowers the link with more precision in evaluating significant information. The Domain Authority is also on a new level having more link data, a myriad of links, and highly efficient ways of evaluating links and giving a specific result. With over 32 trillion links on MOZ’s index, a website’s DA now score has unparalleled accuracy.

Moz DA 2.0 #Q4:  Is MOZ Domain Authority 2.0 better?

In a simplistic way, it is. Apparently, the update is able to detect all the black hat methods of faking the DA and prevent them from having any effect. It works precisely, even with the update of the Google algorithm.

Since DA 2.0 launched, we could see a high fluctuation in DA of websites. We still don’t know if it is just something temporary due to the update, or the DA of the websites will be unstable. Thanks to the new features.

Moz DA 2.0 #Q5: Is DA important for the digital marketing campaign?

Not necessarily. What matters the most is the DA of your competitors, and if fluctuates at the same time as yours. You may see that your DA is going down by a few points for no apparent reasons. This is due to the fluctuation of the algorithm and probably your competitor’s DA is also going down.

However, if their DA is constantly higher than yours, their website will pop up before yours on Google. This can be a real problem for your digital marketing campaign.

Moz DA 2.0 #Q6: Is the DA a reflection of my website’s success?

We wouldn’t say so. Of course, it is ideal to take the DA on your website into consideration when you apply digital marketing strategies. But there are other metrics too, that needs consideration. We won’t know how the update will affect the relevance of the DA on the long term, so you shouldn’t put all your effort into increasing your website’s DA just yet.

Last but not least! Never take matter into your hands when you have digital marketing experts and SEO experts to increase your DA score. Your DA score may not be the ranking signal, but people certainly look at it to check your credibility.

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