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Shopify Summer Editions 24

Hello there!

Are you ready to take your online store to the next level?

Shopify’s Summer ’24 Edition is here, bringing exciting new tools and features designed to make selling online easier and more effective than ever before.

Source – Shopify

Imagine having the power to effortlessly;

  • Manage your store
  • Reach more customers
  • Boost your sales

—all while simplifying complex tasks.

That’s exactly what Shopify’s Summer ’24 Edition aims to deliver.

They’ve packed in new features that cater to all kinds of businesses, helping you make smart decisions and connect with customers in new ways.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through the new updates for Merchants, Shopify has introduced this season.

You’ll get to know how these updates can help you;

  1. Increase your conversion rates
  2. Better understand your customers
  3. And even expand into new markets

Whether you’re curious about improving your store’s performance or exploring new tools to grow your business, we’ve got you covered.

Stick with us as we get into this year’s Summer Edition.

Let’s get started!

What’s New in Shopify’s Summer ’24 Edition?

New Revamped Analytics

Source – Shopify

New Revamped Analytics for Shopify Merchants

One of the standout features of Summer ’24 is the Rebuilt Analytics Dashboard.

Now, you can see real-time data that’s crucial for making quick decisions.

You can customize your dashboard to show the metrics that matter most to you.

In the past, Shopify’s analytics were useful but not very flexible. You couldn’t easily mix and match different metrics or see real-time updates.

Now, you can;

  • Customize your dashboard to display the most important metrics.
  • Use detailed pre-built reports to answer common business questions.
  • Edit these reports to add any combination of metrics and dimensions.
  • Create new custom reports from scratch for complete control.

Customize Your Store

Next, theme-style settings have received a makeover.

No more settling for cookie-cutter storefronts—customizing your store’s look just got easier.

Previously, you had to work with set layouts and themes, which could be limiting.

Now, you have more freedom to;

  • Adjust settings for sections and blocks in your store.
  • Change the direction, alignment, and gaps between image blocks to create a unique look.
  • Customize your site’s look for mobile and desktop without separate settings. This makes sure your store looks great on all devices.
  • Show certain elements only when needed, like a view all button that appears only if there are more products in a collection.
  • Pass resources like products and collections to different blocks, making it easy to build complex layouts and keep data consistent.

Note – Developers can also apply conditional logic to certain elements.

A New, Unified Home For Markets

Source – Shopify

A New, Unified Home For Markets for Shopify Merchants

Have you ever dreamed of expanding your business across borders or into new markets?

With Markets, Shopify simplifies expanding your business into new territories.

Managing international sales, physical stores, or B2B—all from one place. No more juggling multiple interfaces; everything is streamlined within Shopify Admin.

Markets support not just international expansion but also retail and B2B (for Plus plan users). It’s designed to help businesses grow in multiple directions from a single place.

Previously, you had to go to different parts of Shopify to manage various aspects of your business (like international sales, wholesale, and physical stores).

Now, everything is handled in one place under Markets within Shopify Admin.

Suppose you’re already selling cross-border, B2B, or in retail. In that case, your existing settings will automatically appear in the new Markets interface once it’s rolled out—no need to reconfigure everything.

This new update simplifies and speeds up the process, making it easier for you to grow your business without dealing with multiple disconnected settings.

Well, that’s not all. Markets now have;

A Central Home For Expansion

Markets now allow you to see all your expansion activities at any time, from a broad overview to very detailed information.

There’s no need to split inventory or keep data in sync between multiple stores. You can manage everything from a single store.

You can efficiently view and compare the performance of all your markets. Key markets are highlighted and pinned at the top for easy access.

Customizable Summary

Markets provide a detailed summary of all the customizations you’ve made for each market. This feature is handy for onboarding new employees and getting them up to speed quickly.

The customizations you make for buyer experiences in Markets are also reflected in the Products section of the Shopify admin. This means you can preview exactly what a buyer in a specific market will see, including the list of products and their prices.

You can quickly create new markets by copying and tweaking existing ones, saving time and effort.

Want to Sell Online?

Sign In With Shop Anywhere

Shop Pay now lets customers sign in across your store using their Shop account.

It’s a convenient way for them to manage purchases without hassle, enhancing their shopping experience and boosting your sales.

Shop Pay and Shop sign-in features are provided by Shopify directly to customers.

When you activate Shop Pay, Shopify collects data directly from users who use these features, including while they browse your storefront.

Data collection is in accordance with Shopify’s Privacy Policy.

Shopify recommends to;

  1. Sign-in with Shop on Customer Accounts
  2. Allows both new and existing customers to sign in to your storefront using their Shop credentials. No password is required, simplifying the login process.

  3. Follow on Shop Button
  4. Enables customers to follow your store within the Shop app. Followers receive updates about your store through push notifications, in-app messages, and feed recommendations.

  5. Lead Capture with Shop
  6. Integrates with your existing lead capture forms. Eliminates the need for customers to search for, copy, and paste discount codes (automatically applied at checkout after Shop customers sign in).

Built-in Product Taxonomy

Discoverability just got easier with Shopify’s new product categorization system. With over 10,000 categories and 2,000 attributes, organizing your products has never been more efficient.

This makes it easier for customers to find exactly what they’re looking for and for you to manage your inventory effectively.

Image Filters for Search

Now, customers can filter search results using images like logos or icons. This helps them find what they’re looking for quickly. It is implemented through the Search & Discovery app on Shopify.

Combined Listings

This feature [only available to Plus users] allows you to group multiple variations of a product under one main listing.

Store Credit on Shopify

Introducing Store Credit, a new payment method that allows customers to use pre-issued credit for purchases in your store. It’s currently in early access and designed to enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction.

When customers log in to their accounts on your online store, they can see their available store credit.

At checkout, they can choose to apply their store credit as a payment method, reducing the amount they need to pay with other payment methods.

Interested in Selling Wholesale?

Trade Theme is Now Available

You can now easily set up a Business-to-Business (B2B) store using a ready-made theme designed for repeat and bulk purchasing. This makes it simpler to create a professional and functional B2B store quickly.

Get it here.

Customize Your Store for Each B2B Market

With this new feature [exclusive to Plus users], you can create multiple B2B markets, each having its own unique catalogs and storefront theme customization.

This feature will be available soon.

Collect Deposits at Checkout

This feature [exclusive to Plus users] allows you to require percentage-based deposits at checkout, which can be configured for each B2B customer. This means you can secure part of the payment upfront, providing more financial security for your business.

Fetch Supplier Shipping Rates at Checkout

Shopify Collective now enables you to charge accurate shipping rates based on weight and location directly from suppliers at checkout rather than using a flat rate. This ensures that shipping costs are accurately reflected, reducing discrepancies and improving customer satisfaction.

Manage Products from Suppliers in Bulk

You can now speed up your go-live process by;

  • Importing
  • Managing
  • Publishing thousands of supplier products simultaneously with Shopify Collective.

This includes syncing more product fields, making the process more efficient and streamlined.

Start Selling Globally

Source – Shopify

Expanding internationally?

Shopify’s Managed Markets take care of the complexities—from taxes to shipping—so you can focus on growing your business without borders.

Managed Markets

Markets Pro is now Managed Markets.

A solution offered by Shopify to simplify and enhance the process of selling internationally.

It employs the Merchant of Record (MoR) model, where Shopify takes responsibility for handling various operational complexities associated with cross-border sales. This includes managing tax filing, duties, prepaid shipping labels, customs documentation, and fraud protection on behalf of merchants.

Key Features and Enhancements

  1. Streamlined Catalog Restrictions:
  2. Shopify has improved the user experience related to catalog restrictions.

    Merchants can now easily identify and manage products that are restricted for sale in specific regions due to customs regulations. This helps in ensuring compliance and preventing issues at the border.

  3. Inclusion of Duties and Import Taxes:
  4. To improve the shopping experience for international buyers, Shopify now allows merchants to include duties and import taxes directly in the product prices.

    This practice aligns with customer expectations in regions where all-inclusive pricing is preferred. By showing the final price upfront at checkout, merchants can reduce the surprise factor of additional costs, thereby increasing conversion rates.

  5. Expanded Shipping Options:
  6. Shopify is broadening its carrier options to include standard shipping choices.

    Offering more shipping options at checkout gives international customers flexibility. It can further enhance conversion rates by catering to different delivery preferences.

  7. Order Editing Capabilities:
  8. Post-purchase, merchants can now edit international orders without complications related to duties, taxes, or currency changes.

    Shopify’s system automatically updates these elements, ensuring that any modifications to orders remain seamless for both merchants and customers. This feature reduces the friction associated with order adjustments and supports smoother operations in global markets.

  9. Include Duties in Your Product Prices:
  10. This feature allows Shopify merchants to integrate duties and taxes into the product prices displayed to international buyers.

    By including these costs upfront, customers won’t face unexpected fees at checkout, improving transparency and potentially increasing conversion rates.

  11. Understand Regional Selling Restrictions:
  12. Managed Markets now provides clear notifications and detailed information on which products are restricted from sale in specific regions.

    This feature helps merchants comply with regional regulations and manage their product catalogs more effectively, enhancing transparency and compliance.

  13. Manually Edit Existing Orders:
  14. With Managed Markets, merchants can now manually edit the details of orders even after they’ve been placed.

    This capability provides greater flexibility and control over order management processes, allowing adjustments for various scenarios such as order updates or customer requests.

  15. Ship Faster for Less with UPS:
  16. Managed Markets now supports UPS Worldwide Expedited® and UPS® Standard to Canada and Mexico, offering improved shipping rates and the convenience of duties paid upfront.

    This feature enables faster and more cost-effective international shipping options for Shopify merchants using Managed Markets.

Multiple Business Entities, One Store

Exclusive to Shopify Plus, this feature allows merchants to operate multiple Shopify Payments accounts, each tied to different business entities, within a single Shopify store.

It streamlines financial operations and reporting for businesses managing operations across multiple entities.

Faster, Easier International Expansion with Markets

Markets now facilitate faster international expansion by allowing merchants to make regional adjustments to existing markets rather than creating entirely new markets from scratch. This simplifies the process of entering new regions, reducing the time and effort required for setup and customization.

New Theme & Fonts for Japan

Merchants in Japan can now access a new default theme designed specifically for their market.

It includes 17 different Japanese fonts, enabling customization that resonates with local preferences and enhances the visual appeal of storefronts in Japan.

Get your theme here.

What’s Happening in the World’s Best Checkout?

Split Shipping in Checkout

Split Shipping in Checkout for Shopify Merchants

Previously, when customers checked out, they only saw one shipping rate and one delivery date, even if their items were being shipped in multiple packages from different warehouses.

This could lead to confusion and uncertainty about when each item would arrive.

Now, customers can see if their orders will arrive in multiple shipments right at the checkout.

If different shipping speeds are available, customers can choose between the lowest price and the fastest delivery or even customize the shipping speed for each individual shipment.

This gives customers more control over how they want their items delivered based on their needs and budget.

If an item like the desk lamp is eligible for Shop Promise, a badge will be displayed at checkout. This badge assures the customer that the item will arrive on time, providing peace of mind.

The split shipping feature also extends to subscription orders, offering customers control over the shipping speeds for recurring shipments.

This feature will be available soon. Sign up to get notified when it’s available.

Checkout Blocks is Now Free

Checkout Blocks [exclusive to Plus users] is a new, free tool that allows users to customize their checkout process using checkout extensions.

With no coding skills, it is accessible to a wider range of users.

Try Checkout Blocks Now.

Customize More Pages with Apps

All plans now can use apps to enhance the thank you and order status pages.

This allows users to add new functionalities to these pages in a secure and upgrade-safe manner, ensuring that any customizations are preserved during updates.

This can be done through the checkout and accounts editor in the admin panel.

Capture Payment per Fulfillment

This feature [exclusive to Plus users] automates payment capture when a part of an order is fulfilled.

Capturing payments at the time of fulfillment rather than all at once helps meet customer preferences and reporting requirements.

Shop Pay Supports Pickup in Store

The Shop Pay Component now supports customers who want to buy online and pick up their purchases in-store. This delivers greater flexibility and convenience for customers who prefer in-store pickup.

This feature is exclusive to users of Commerce Components. Get it now.

AI for Commerce—Getting More Trendier

Source – Shopify

Previously, Shopify Magic offered AI tools, such as AI image generation from the Media Editor, to help merchants create and enhance product images.

The AI functionalities were somewhat limited to specific areas and tasks within Shopify Admin.

What Has Changed Now?


SideKick for Shopify Merchants

Introduction of Sidekick—your new business partner who crunches the numbers and gives you the best strategies.

As we all know, Sidekick is an AI-powered assistant that provides context and guidance tailored to your specific business needs. It understands your store and business data, making its responses highly relevant.

You can ask Sidekick for best practices or how-tos about Shopify, and it will provide the necessary context instantly.

Sidekick for best practices or how-tos about Shopify

This feature is only available by request. Sign up here.

Marketing: Segmentation in Plain Language

Segmentation in Plain Language for Shopify Merchants

Shopify Magic now converts ShopifyQL code for customer segments into simple, easy-to-understand descriptions. This makes it easier for store owners to comprehend and utilize their customer data.

Simplifies the process of understanding customer segments, enabling better-targeted marketing efforts.

View this feature in the admin section to see how it can benefit your store.

Merchandising: Suggested Categories & Attributes

This feature uses AI to suggest categories, attributes, and values for your products, making them easier to classify and discover in your storefront and across marketplaces.

Enhances product organization and discoverability, potentially increasing sales and improving the shopping experience.

View this feature in the admin section to start classifying your products more effectively.

Media Editing: Enhance Images Everywhere

Enhance Images Everywhere for Shopify Merchants
Images Optimization Features for Shopify Merchants
Transform Ordinary Images with AI for ECommerce Stores

The AI-powered media editor can instantly transform ordinary photos into professional-grade product images. Initially available on mobile, this feature will soon be accessible across more admin areas.

Improves the visual appeal of product listings without the need for advanced photo-editing skills, leading to a more polished and attractive storefront.

View this feature in the admin section to enhance your product images.

Conversations: Suggested Replies in Inbox

Suggested Replies in Inbox for Shopify Merchants
Quick Responds to Customers for Shopify Merchants

This feature allows eligible stores to quickly respond to customer inquiries within Shopify Inbox using AI-generated replies. These replies are context-aware and understand the specifics of your business, ensuring accurate and helpful responses.

The suggested responses can be edited or sent as is, saving time and ensuring quick replies, which increases customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

Get notified. This feature will be available soon.

Let’s Connect with Customers

Building lasting relationships starts with understanding your customers.

With Shopify’s tools for retargeting, customer acquisition, and personalized marketing, you can turn browsers into buyers and keep them coming back for more.

Drive Up to 2X More Retargeting Conversions

You [exclusive to Plus users] can now utilize custom Retargeting Boost lists enhanced by Shopify Audiences algorithms.

Increases the number of orders you receive for every dollar spent on retargeting campaigns.

Zero-Risk Campaigns on Google & Meta

Shopify Plus introduces Shop Campaigns, allowing you to expand your advertising reach on Meta (Facebook, Instagram) and Google. You only pay for the ads when they successfully convert new customers. [exclusive to Plus users]

Reduces financial risk by ensuring you only pay for successful customer acquisitions.

Shop Campaigns Now in Canada

Canadian and US merchants on Shopify Plus can now utilize Shop Campaigns to reach potential customers in both countries.

Extends the reach of Shop Campaigns to customers in Canada, in addition to the US.

It allows you to tap into a broader market, reaching potential customers in both Canada and the US.

Analytics – Measure Your Return on Ad Spend

Shopify now provides unbiased insights into the performance of your ad campaigns directly from the Shopify admin by syncing data from platforms like Google and TikTok. This helps you compare metrics and make informed decisions on improving your campaigns.

Available in: Shopify Admin.

Automate Marketing with Segments

Automates email marketing and other actions when customers join or leave specific segments. You can also check a customer’s segment status within Flow.

Streamlines your marketing efforts and ensures timely, relevant communication with customers.

Feature: Requires requesting access.

Privacy – Pixels Based on Customer Consent

Allows you to set permissions for each custom pixel individually, ensuring that data collection respects customer privacy preferences.

Maximizes data collection while complying with privacy regulations.

Available in: Shopify Admin.

Tap into Trusted YouTube Creators

Advanced and Plus plan merchants can participate in the YouTube Shopping Affiliates program. Verified YouTube creators can sync and tag your products in their videos.

Leverages the trust and reach of YouTube creators to promote your products.

Availability: US only.

Boost Sales with New Shop Minis

Shopify has introduced new Shop Minis, including Simple Bundles and Zoorix Bundle Kit & Cross Sell, which are designed to increase average order value and conversions on the Shop app.

Enhances the shopping experience, encouraging customers to buy more.
Feature: Available in the Shop app.

Ship to & From Retail Store

To enhance omnichannel experiences, Shopify introduces two key updates for connecting online orders with in-store fulfillment;

Pick Up and Store

Customers increasingly prefer buying online and picking up their orders in-store.

However, a common challenge arises when a product isn’t available at the desired pickup location. With the new Pick Up and Store feature, Shopify enables and configures store transfers to ensure that the products customers want are delivered to their chosen location.

This feature leverages your network of retail stores and distribution centers, allowing for a broader range of convenient pickup locations.

This capability is now available for all Shopify plans, ensuring more flexibility for customers and streamlined logistics for you.

Get access here.

Ship from Store Fulfillment Workflow

For merchants using Shopify Point of Sale (POS), the Ship from Store workflow allows retail staff to ship orders directly to customers. Powered by order routing, it enables all retail locations to assist in order fulfillment, reducing shipping costs and speeding up delivery times.

If a store is too busy, orders can be rerouted to another location.

There are many more updates and features in the Shopify Editions Summer ’24 that can help you grow and optimize your online store. To explore all the exciting new changes and see how they can benefit your business, check out the full list of updates here.

What’s Next? — Developer Edition

Shopify’s Summer ’24 Editions are packed with tools that help you sell smarter, market better, and grow faster. Whether you’re a small business or a big one, these updates are designed to make your life easier and your customers happier.

This guide has focused on the updated features in Shopify Editions Summer ’24 that merchants can use to enhance their online stores.

However, Shopify, as usual, has also released a ton of updates specifically for developers.

We don’t want to overwhelm you with all the technical details because we know what it feels like to face a mountain of new information. Figuring out how to implement these updates effectively can be daunting and time-consuming.

That’s where we come in.

Our developers do not only bring technical expertise but also a deep understanding of the challenges you face. They know that your time is valuable, and every minute spent on technical issues is time taken away from growing your business.

By taking care of the technical tasks, they let you focus on what you love—creating new products, engaging with customers, and planning your next steps.

As your business grows, having a knowledgeable team becomes even more important. Whether you’re scaling up, entering new markets, or adapting to the latest trends, our developers keep your store at the cutting edge. They stay updated on changes and make sure your store remains competitive.

What if I only want some consultation?

That’s absolutely possible.

Huptech Web is always available to provide guidance and advice, helping you understand how to best leverage these updates for your specific needs. We offer insights and recommendations customized to your business, ensuring you make the most informed decisions.

So, as you explore the exciting possibilities of Shopify Editions Summer ’24, remember you don’t have to do it alone. The journey to making your online store a success is much easier with experts by your side. Let us help you bring your vision to life with our expertise and care.

Take the next step with Shopify—where your business dreams come to life.

Cheers to your success!

Rishi Thakker

Rishi Thakker

Rishi Thakker is the founder and CEO of Huptech Web, an eCommerce development and marketing firm that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. His unique writing tips give startups and well-known brands a palpable action plan full of innovation unmatched.

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