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Content Quality Vs. Content Quantity

Yes, we are going to talk about the never-ending debate of the content marketers, the quality vs. quantity debate! On what should you focus, quality content or the frequency of the posting?

Let me make a simple analogy on the technical front!

Assume you are a web developer (we are web developers, but you need to assume that you are), and the general idea of minting more money is to take up more projects and make them your regular customers, right?

But there can be two scenarios in this assumption!

Scenario One:

In haste of making more money, you take on projects without having resources and with deadlines dancing on your head, what you deliver is a poor-quality work. And for a while, you’d like this strategy of quantifying your work at the cost of its quality. But do you think that this can go on after a certain point? Will clients sign you with the reviews you might get from your previous customers?

Scenario Two:

These are hard to come by but you have to imagine you are one of those who takes an eternity to deliver but there won’t be a glitch in your work. Of course, the clientele you’ll build with this strategy will be a strong one but with much lesser number of projects in your lap, would there be any scope for growth. You’d be so busy in delivering your proficiency that the leads that you could’ve got will go to someone else. How fast do you think you’ll be able to grow your business with this strategy?

Not far.

A business is a business if it grows, otherwise, it’s just a service.

And in both the scenarios, there will come a point where you’d not be growing; yes, you’ll stay afloat, but not grow.

The Same Is The Case With The Content. When you publish a piece of content your ultimate goal is to:

  • Generate more traffic
  • Create sales lead
  • Brand Awareness
  • More Brand Engagement

Neither of this can be achieved if you don’t understand how important it is to produce more content having an exceptional quality. Compromising on any of these could trim your chances of growing making you stagnant in the industry.

Which Brings Us To: How To Create More Quality Content?

You Need A Strategy

Not having a strategy is probably one of the biggest mistake that bloggers, content marketers, companies make. The categorization of the content should be clear and each category should be analyzed for the responses of the readers. Which category grasps the readers? Which category of posts brings more leads? What would you current consumers like to read?

Introspecting with a definite strategy in mind brings results. Posting blogs without targeting a specific audience is similar to a lucky draw. You will have to be satisfied with whatever results it produces. So, get a consultation from a content strategist and explore the dimensions rather than creating random posts. Plan it out to reach your quantifiable goal without compromising on the quality.

Don’t Stick To Just One Form Of Content

Creating just one form of content can exhaust you of the ideas. This way, you might not be able to maintain your standard of quality with the quantity. You need to take the plunge and diversify your content. White papers, SlideShare, videos, infographics, etc. are the other formats that you must include in your content strategy apart from blogs and guest blogging.

Consider Your Customer’s Buying Stage, Always

‘What Is E-commerce?’

‘Factors To Consider Before Joining The E-commerce Race’

‘7 Extensions Every E-commerce Owner Must Embed’

‘10 Tips To Flourish Your E-commerce Business’

‘12 Best Marketing Strategies For Every Size E-commerce Store’

‘5 Most Important KPIs To Analyze Your E-commerce Business’

Baffled as to why have I mentioned these topics which you could possibly find on any e-commerce centric blog? Well, if you observe, the topics are ascending from simplicity to complexity. These topics are more like the phases of an e-commerce business owner who would be interested in reading these topics one at a time.

But as a blogger, as a marketer, do you think there won’t be any need for the simpler topics once you have already discussed advanced topics? Definitely not. While a consumer is going ahead on his journey, there’s always a new customer looking for guidance on starting things up. And today’s inception might be a lot different than what you posted before.

So, you must consider planning for every customer’s buying stage. Once you are thorough with the basics, you will need much lesser time in exploring the same topics contributing to both, the quantity and quality aspects.

Most Important, Be original

Have you ever tried rewriting something with an agenda of just using a different language? As a writer, I can tell you it’s the most time-consuming process.

If you give a significant amount of time in researching and understanding a particular niche, you will come up with original ideas of content without going back and forth for reassurance of staying on the same track.

So being original is definitely not time-consuming as most people assume, it is much easier to speak your mind rather than training your mind to deliver in a particular way.

Moreover, your time invested in copying an approach might cost you your time which nullifies both the important benchmarks for content development- quality and quantity.

At Huptech, we strategize to keep a profitable balance between quantity and quality in content creation. We have devised a seamless way of attaining leads and traffic through content. Get in touch with us if you are willing to do the same for your business!

Rishi Thakker

Rishi Thakker

Rishi Thakker is the founder and CEO of Huptech Web, an eCommerce development and marketing firm that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. His unique writing tips give startups and well-known brands a palpable action plan full of innovation unmatched.


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