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Shopify Thank You Page Optimization

The buyer journey experience doesn’t end when the customer clicks Order Now. It’s an ongoing cycle fueled by delivering the best experience to all your customers.

Here’s how it goes;

  • Customers search for the best deals online.
  • They discover your brand.
  • Explore your store.
  • They find products they love.
  • Make purchases.
  • Orders arrive on time.
  • Customers are satisfied with your brand.
  • They come back for more.
  • They repeat the process, purchasing more products.

This loop continues as long as your brand provides exceptional customer service. However, even when you give it your all, sometimes it’s not enough. That’s when you realize that the customer journey experience never truly ends—not even after a purchase.

Today, you’ll learn what happens after a purchase—the post-purchase scenario.
You’ll realize that excellent customer journeys are never-ending experiences.

You always need to be user-centric first and focus on your long-term goals. When users become advocates for your brand, achieving your business objectives becomes natural.

Let’s dive into it.

What is an Order Confirmation Page?

Shopify Thank You Page

An Order Confirmation Page, aka Thank You page, is the webpage that customers are directed to immediately after completing a purchase.

The message ‘your order has been placed successfully‘ delights your customers and provides a sense of trust and peace of mind that you have received their order.

In addition to displaying the thank you message, customers also receive an order confirmation email confirming the successful processing of their order.

The page should have some absolute must-have elements that display the basic information all presented clearly and simply;

  • Confirmation of Purchase
  • List of purchased items with prices and quantity
  • Subtotal, shipping fees, taxes, and the total amount charged
  • Payment method used
  • Billing and shipping information
  • Order Number
  • Delivery and order status updates
  • A Thank You message

These details must be on the order confirmation page for customers to review and ensure accuracy. Furthermore, you can enhance your thank you page by adding additional elements such as;

  • Links to the brand’s social media pages
  • Asking for feedbacks
  • Linking to an FAQ page and product tutorials
  • Special programs like loyalty or referral programs
  • Adding a post-purchase survey
  • Displaying customer ratings and reviews
  • Giving them a discount code for their next order
  • Showing the brand’s best-selling items

Making the most of your page is a good deal for every merchant. Regardless of your objectives, the thank you page offers huge opportunities if leveraged effectively.

Is Order Confirmation Page Worth It?

Ever wondered why this post-purchase page matters so much?

Order Confirmation Page is more than just a receipt; it’s an integral part of the e-commerce ecosystem with multiple strategic functions for both the customers and you.

As a merchant, you always seek chances to connect with your customers. Still, you might be overlooking a huge opportunity.

A standard confirmation page might seem sufficient, but it could mean missing out on;

  • More sales
  • Feedback through surveys or reviews
  • Word-of-mouth marketing tactics
  • Increasing average order value and profits
  • Long-term customer loyalty and repeat business.
  • Reducing return rates
  • Reinforcing the brand message
  • Building brand recognition

And guess what? Having an order confirmation email gets you a 95% open rate. Leveraging this can automatically boost your conversion rates.

So, before optimizing your Shopify Order Confirmation Page, it’s essential to understand the types of edits permitted in both the basic and advanced Shopify plans. Not every plan grants access to advanced customizations for your page, so you should know your plan’s limitations.

How Many Times Can I Edit the Order Confirmation Page?

Within the platform, you have the flexibility to tweak your order confirmation page settings and content through the theme editor; there’s no specific limit on the number of times you can edit.

You can modify information, messages, and layout aspects within Shopify’s customization parameters as often as necessary. However, the extent to which you can customize the page directly is limited. Shopify maintains control over the checkout process, including the order confirmation page, for security and consistency reasons.

This means that while you can make some fundamental changes mentioned, the page’s core structure and design elements are not freely editable as it depends on the Shopify plan you have.

Basic Customization Options (Available on All Plans)

Theme Language Editor – This feature lets you adjust lines like ‘Thank you for shopping with us’ to something more personalized, such as ‘Thanks, Cherry, for shopping with us!’ or even something unique to match your brand’s tone. Some themes provide limited customization options for the order status page directly within the theme editor.

You can also adjust the color scheme, text styles, and language to align with your brand. Plus integrate banners or promotional content to engage customers further and promote products or offers.

Inserting Additional Scripts: Shopify allows you to insert HTML and CSS directly into the order status page. It also enables you to integrate custom JavaScript for tracking and analytics purposes. This is often used to monitor ad conversions.

This feature is in the Settings > Checkout section under the Order status page. Here, you can add custom thank-you messages, product recommendations, special event announcements, or custom conversion tracking snippets. However, this option requires some knowledge of web design languages or assistance from a Shopify Partner.

However, with its new updates, Shopify stores with script tags and additional scripts used for Thank You and Order Status pages will be turned off starting August 28, 2025, and be replaced by Shopify Function APIs.

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Advanced Customization (Shopify Plus)

If you’re using Shopify Plus, you have more flexibility;

Additional Checkout.liquid Access: Shopify Plus merchants have access to edit the checkout.liquid file, which controls the entire checkout experience, including the order status page. This grants extensive customization capabilities, including layout modifications, added content, and more. However, with the new updates, the liquid code will no longer be available for the Thank you and Order status pages from August 28, 2025.

So, if your store uses the checkout.liquid file, you’ll need to upgrade to Checkout extensibility before the following dates.

Checkout Extensibility is a powerful tool offered to Shopify Plus merchants, making it more straightforward to customize their checkout process. Recognizing the value of this new tool, Shopify is investing in it as the primary method for customizing Shopify Checkout in the future.

The benefits of upgrading are not less but come with some very powerful checkout features, increased speed and conversion, and no upgrades needed ever, unlike the liquid codes with consistent buying experience from start to finish til your thank you pages. You can check for more information about Checkout Extensibility here.

How to Optimize Your Shopify Order Confirmation Page?

If you’ve made it this far, it’s clear you intend to provide the best service to your customers and achieve your business goals. These strategies may seem small, but they yield incredible results, and you won’t regret putting them into action. Give them a try and witness the difference for yourself.

More Product Recommendations, More Value

The order confirmation page is a golden opportunity to boost your sales. By suggesting related products or offering higher-value alternatives, you can increase the order value—a great bonus to your profitability.

To encourage customers to take action, consider offering special deals on related items or bundles that provide better value than buying items individually. Display popular products with positive reviews from other customers to catch their eye.

Even if customers don’t buy anything else, this is still a good chance for you to promote new products.

Many successful brands, including Amazon, Hike, BJJ Fanatics, and Tushy, have optimized their thank you pages by incorporating cross-sells and upsell strategies. This simple adjustment has led to significant increases in sales with pretty much no effort.

Post Purchase Surveys—More Improvement

The Thank You page is an ideal spot for a post-purchase survey because it doesn’t interrupt the buyer’s purchase process.

Rather than bombarding customers with questions before they’ve completed a purchase, asking for feedback after their transaction is more likely to result in more responses.

Furthermore, getting insights directly from actual customers is often more valuable than feedback from all site visitors. While it’s helpful to understand why some people don’t buy, it’s even more important to grasp patterns among those who do.

Questions like ‘How did you hear about us?’ are most relevant to those who have purchased, as these are the channels you’ll want to focus on expanding.

By inquiring about their experience with product information, the checkout process, delivery, decision-making factors, and product quality, you can pin-point areas for improvement and refine your customer experience.

Brands like Adidas have implemented this on their thank you page, where they focus on Net Promoter Score [would they recommend the brand to someone else—rate from 1 – 10]

Honesty About Your Deliveries—Order Status

Customers hate late deliveries. In fact 69% of users are less likely to shop in the future with the brand if an item is not delivered within two days of the promised date.

Be honest about your policies and shipping dates. Customers triple-check their orders post-purchase to know when they’ll arrive at their doorstep. If businesses keep delaying their orders for whatever reason, they stop trusting and become remorseful about their purchase.

So, for a smooth customer journey, include an order status link where customers can look at their order status any time of the day without getting anxious about their items.

Delivery experience is something that makes or breaks customer retention and loyalty. So if late, let them know. Honesty is the best policy that has been working for brands like Walmart, Backdrop, B&H Photo Video and many more.

Provide Clear Order Summary

It’s about delivering what was promised. Many shoppers abandon their carts when they discover unexpected costs during the checkout process.

Order summary breaks down the total cost of the buyer’s purchase, showing everything from the items they bought to any shipping fees or taxes. It’s important because it assures them that the pricing is clear and transparent, with no hidden costs.

Ideally, the order summary should include;

  • All the items bought
  • Quantity and the price of the items
  • Images of the products
  • The order number

High cart abandonment rates can lead to a loss of customer loyalty and declining sales over time. Therefore, maintaining clarity and transparency in the order summary is important to retaining customers and encouraging repeat purchases.

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Encourage Account Creation—Win-Win

Encouraging customers to create accounts after making purchases adds value to your business. It’s a better way to connect with your customers.

When customers create accounts, it simplifies the checkout process for future purchases since their information is saved, plus you have more customer information in your hand for future marketing opportunities.

Customers need to know first why creating an account benefits them, and that’s when your activation rate will increase. Brands like Staple have gone the extra mile to list out the benefits of creating an account with them like;

  • Faster checkouts
  • Access to order history
  • Easy reordering
  • Time savings

By doing this, your business stands to gain;

  • Increased sales
  • Higher engagement
  • Improved conversion rates
  • Opportunities to connect with customers

It’s a win-win situation for both you and your customers.

Referral/Loyalty Programs—More Sales

Customers love rewards. The bonus includes loyalty and referral programs on the order confirmation page + testimonials [on how your previous customers loved your programs].

Reward your loyal customers with bonus points on their birthdays, special occasions, when they purchase more than $500, or when they refer their new friends. It can be anything that aligns with your brand.

This strategy works wonders for both your business and users, providing more visibility, a positive purchase experience, an increase in spending behavior, an improvement in conversion rates, loyalty, and automatically more sales. Brands like Sephora [a beauty products online brand] provide free rewards for those who join their insider beauty program on special occasions like your birthdays.

Target FOMO—More Social Sharing

Don’t let your connection with customers end with a purchase—include all social media sharing buttons on your thank you page similar to how a brand like Bombshe does.

Encouraging users to share their purchases on social media not only lets them flaunt their shopping experience but also provides them with extra emotional validation.

When customers connect with you on your social sites, they get to look at reviews from other customers [all the user-generated content]. This increases their brand loyalty and keeps them coming back for more to satisfy their FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

Start Optimizing Your Shopify Thank You Page!

Shopify Order Confirmation Page Optimization

An optimized order confirmation page is often underutilized. You definitely need to consider the page because it’s the final touchpoint in the customer’s journey. It’s where they confirm their purchase and feel reassured about their decision.

A well-designed page not only provides transparency regarding their order details but also offers opportunities for more sales through all those strategies mentioned. Moreover, it’s a chance to leave a lasting positive impression, have more loyal advocates, and repeat purchases.

If you’re currently on a basic Shopify plan, upgrading to the advanced plan is a worthwhile investment. With its extensive customizable options, you’ll have more flexibility to personalize your store and optimize your customer’s experience to their needs.

And a little thing to mention—we’ve earned the title of being a Shopify Expert, thanks to the feedback from our satisfied clients. If you’re in need of someone to optimize your order confirmation page, you have us. We believe in handling all the intricate details and the hard work. At the same time, you stay focused on growing your business, leaving you free to concentrate on what you do best.

Need A Shopify Expert To Optimize Your Thank You Page?

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Choose Huptech Web as your Shopify partner, and let us help you take your online business to the next level.

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