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Exit intent overlay! Uff! That’s some concept to talk about.

We sigh with relief when we come across a better alternative! Don’t we? But, that’s only human.

Having options is a boon for consumers. But bane for you, because these alternatives which are out there are your adversaries who are constantly striving to make themselves a better option for the users.

Amidst this easy availability of any service or a product in abundance, it becomes excruciatingly difficult to acquire attention.

You have to make your offer in the most convincing way as to why the user should follow you.

That’s when overlays come into the picture. Using overlays to grab the prospect’s attention is in practice since years. However, it has seen a tremendous growth and has changed through the many years it has been in existence.

We have long past gone through the level of whether to use overlays or not. How to use it, is the question now.

It is not rocket science, but yes, it is data science. You must use your data to know what works for your customers and what attracts them the most before finalizing the copy of your pop-ups.

Shopify justified the need of using pop-ups simply by giving an example of a blogger who tested and tried lightbox resulting in 1,375% more e-mail subscribers.

I have come across some overlays that made me say “And that’s how it is done!” while some have urged me to roll my eyes. Let’s have a look at some of both the examples for your ease of understanding what you should or shouldn’t do!

This overlay which was targeted on building the email list is an apt example of decency. They have made a direct attempt on conveying what they have to offer without beating around the bush.

Did you see how methodically have they mentioned their target audience for whom the guide can be helpful talking directly to the online marketers, SaaS companies, and e-commerce businesses?

Right above the e-mail address text box, they have also disclosed that with the guide, the subscribers will learn tactics on growth and strategies.

With contrasting, yet subtle colors, this overlay work on eyes and brain with equal precision.

Aim to create simple, decent, yet effective overlays that mention all the necessary details just like Rooster did.

Taking transparency to altogether a new level with this interestingly designed pop-up is nothing but smartness. Isn’t “From “aha” to “oh shit”, a great way to start an informative overlay?

By including themselves into learners, they confirmed that they are not stagnant, and are trying new strategies without the fear of failing.

By sharing their own journey explicitly, they have gained customer’s confidence. Their intention of connecting with customers definitely worked for me.

Along with a clear offer of sending lessons on growth, they also have shown the meter of their monthly revenue as a proof. People always go for assured tactics rather than something that is never tried before.

If you are a service based venture, don’t miss out on notifying your customers as well as prospects about your own growth, or how your clients have benefitted through your services.

Evidence of your growth and potential has the capacity to increase your revenue undoubtedly.

All you can catch a glimpse of is the big amount, isn’t it? Offering discounts is an old-school technique for customer attraction, however, this big an amount never fails to make a point.

Implementing this tactic for exit pop-ups will guarantee at least one thing, the prospect will not be as dismissive as he may intend to be. He will definitely read what you have to say and think twice before dismissing your offer. This also reduces the cart abanonment rate indirectly.

Try giving affordable offers to build a customer base which are bound to increase your revenue in a long run. Top Bet improved their signups by 6% using this overlay and you will too if you filter your customer’s requirements and use it in your overlay with a similar theme.

I literally couldn’t spare the amazement that this overlay put me in. Neil Patel nails personalization like nobody could ever do. He’s the king of personalized marketing. Using the word “Confidential” is highly intelligent on his part as that’s what is rare in today’s digital world.

This overlay offers two things, discussion with a skilled individual, and confidentiality about that business discussion.

I knew what the motto of this overlay is, yet, I can’t stop myself being in awe thinking that this guy is asking to book a discussion with him, and ensuring privacy along with it.

It involves a trust factor, invigorating the emotional level of the customers.

A great combo it is! Think about what you can offer your clients and prospects apart from your services or products that target human expectations. Yes, empathy, ethics, and emotions play a crucial role in boosting conversions.

For starters, “Probably” is a word that raises doubts. That too using it as a start of your copy is more than a bad decision. I would never ever do it!

Secondly, using the word “Best” thrice in the same overlay? It seems that The Chive is convincing itself about its services being the best, rather than conveying it to the users.

Thirdly, there is not the slightest hint of what they have to offer to the subscribers other than their “Best” newsletters. You cannot convince to subscribe until you have something unique to provide your subscribers.

Except for the two-tone design, there is nothing inspirational in the overlay. All you have to do is to ignore doing such mistakes and not make the entire overlay about you if you seek high conversion rate.

There are a number of strategies yet to mention which have minute lessons to teach for do’s and don’ts. Exit pop-ups and light boxes have helped the businesses to increase their revenue by at least 6%. Hire professional digital marketers with a special expertise in custom web design, conversion rate optimization, and eCommerce development to know what’s going to work for you, and what’s not, because nothing escapes relativity.

Huptech Web has been assisting the businesses to grow their sales with intelligent exit pop-ups that have successfully increased the revenue of the companies. Get in touch with our own
digital marketing team to strategize your website’s conversion techniques including the designing of exit pop-ups!

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Rishi Thakker

Rishi Thakker

Rishi Thakker is the founder and CEO of Huptech Web, an eCommerce development and marketing firm that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. His unique writing tips give startups and well-known brands a palpable action plan full of innovation unmatched.

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