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Why Your Store Needs eCommerce SEO

“There are around 110,000 eCommerce websites generating revenue on a meaningful scale on the Internet.” ~ RJ Metrics

The consumers reach these 110,000 eCommerce websites through search engines. Yours will be one of these! So the question is, how will you convince Google and other search engines to list your eCommerce store before your competitor’s when a customer looks to buy the product you sell online?

The answer is simple. With the help of eCommerce Search Engine Optimization; and that help, you will get from the best of eCommerce SEO experts at Huptech Web. To make your eCommerce store a hot spot for your target audience, you need to offer visibility with the right SEO strategies.

Huptech Web, one of the leading eCommerce SEO companies, is all about incorporating faultless, result-driven SEO strategies, precisely what every eCommerce brand needs in this digital-flood to stand out.

Why Your Store Needs eCommerce SEO

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Visibility, Inventory Turnover, & Sales

Let It All Skyrocket With Our eCommerce Services

Keyword Analysis & Optimization


Keyword Analysis & Optimization

Whatever phrases your customers type in the search bar of Google to look for your products are called keywords. Now, the scenario is, you and your adversaries are fighting to optimize the use of these keywords so that it’s your product that ends up on the first five organic search results.

Will it happen so? It will, with us by your side!

Our eCommerce SEO services focus on working with these keywords by researching about them in detail, analysing, and optimising their use on your website.

Keyword Optimization Inclusions

  • Page Titles
  • Headers/ Subheaders
  • Product Names
  • Product Descriptions
  • Meta Descriptions
  • URLs

eStore Analysis & Optimization


eStore Analysis & Optimization

Once your eCommerce store category or product ranks on the first page of the search engine, does it mean success? Not even close! There are a plethora of factors that affect a customer’s journey, and a poorly designed e-store is one of the prominent ones.

So, what next? Next is, we optimize your web store after a thorough analysis!

Our eCommerce experts work on analysing the structure of your web store, segregating the errors, removing duplicate content, optimizing website content, and much more!

eStore Optimization Inclusions

  • Site Structure Optimization
  • eCommerce Troubleshooting
  • Website Speed Analysis
  • Internal Linking
  • Optimizing Your Mobile Store
  • Social Media Integration
  • Blog Content Optimization
  • Customer Reviews

Brand Reputation Management

brand Awareness

Brand Reputation Management

Your story, is your brand’s strength! And we are here to sharpen your strength! The more your audience knows about you, the better it is for your sales and reputation. It is of prime importance that you bridge the communication gap with your customers for a transparent exchange.

But is bridging the gap that easy? For us, it is because we have specialists working on that!

Keeping a positive rapport with your consumers will become genuinely unchallenging with our assistance. With our robust strategies to enhance your social prominence, we promise you clean management of your brand’s reputation.

Reputation Management Inclusions

  • Google Business Page Management
  • Linked In Profile Management
  • Guest Blogging
  • Press Releases
  • Brand Engagement Strategies For Social Media
  • Optimized Interactive Visual Strategy

Affiliate Marketing for eCommerce

Affiliate Marketing PNG

Affiliate Marketing for eCommerce

81% of the brands are utilizing the mammoth power of affiliate marketing to give their revenue the boost they need. One of the most straightforward techniques, to reach the masses through influencers of the respective industry, could change the sales structure of your eCommerce store.

However, if it is ‘how to get started’ that you are worried about, don’t! We’ve got you covered!

From integrating reliable affiliate marketing tools to your web store to building a strong commission structure, our eCommerce SEO services include it all!

Affiliate Marketing Inclusions

  • Affiliate Tools Introduction & Inclusion
  • Text & Banner Ads for Affiliate Marketing
  • Coupon Affiliate Marketing
  • Strategic Commission Structure
  • Influence Marketing
  • Seasonal Shopping Promotions

eCommerce Upselling Strategies

Upsell- strategies.png

eCommerce Upselling Strategies

Even millennials will connect with this; remember how the store managers always try to sell a better product than the one you’re interested in buying? Yes? That’s upselling. Now, that same concept has taken a digital form, and most eCommerce giants are making sure to generate revenue using this age-old selling strategy.

YES, it’s overwhelming to think about how to start in order to incorporate it into your model!

Well, you don’t have to; Huptech Web has assisted several eCommerce stores in increasing their revenue using upselling. We can boost yours too!

Upselling Service Inclusions

  • Product Categorization
  • Upsell Design
  • Upsell System Integration
  • Automatic Upsell Plugin Installation
  • Product Mapping for Upsell Strategy
  • Upsell Revenue Analysis

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eCommerce SEO Packages

Features Monthly Packages
Silver($699) Gold($1249) Diamond($2499) Platinum($3499)
We will do keyword research for your business, Send keywords to you for approval. We can work on your provided keywords too if you have already selected some.
No of keywords optimized
50 100 150 Custom
We will setup Google tag manager, Google Analytics, Search Console to track the user behaviour.
Tracking codes setup
We will do market research as per your industry and prepare best marketing strategy accordingly.
Market Analysis
Basic Advanced Advanced Advanced Pro
We will analyze your top competitors - includes their strategies, keywords, website UX & more to get an idea about their way to get traffic, sales and leads.
Competitor Analysis
Basic Basic Advanced Advanced Pro
After market research, competitor analysis and keyword research, we do strategic planning to achieve the target goals for traffic, sales and leads.
Strategic Planning
Basic Advanced Advanced Advanced Pro
We will start page level optimization for each page of your website according to package you have selected.
Number of pages optimized
100 2000 5000 Unlimited
It includes title, meta, URLs, images, headings, internal linking and other optimizations to make website SEO friendly.
On page optimization
Basic Basic Advanced Advanced Pro
We will review your website and provide suggestions for making it user friendly.
Website optimization
Basic Basic Advanced Advanced Pro
We optimize your landing pages for the best performance.
Landing page optimization
We analyze current performance of your products and based on that optimize for better conversion. We use Google optimize for A/B testing to analyze which version performing the best.
Product pages optimization for CRO with Google Optimize
We will optimize your content so that it can fulfil need of visitors and also include keywords.
Content Optimization
Basic Advanced Advanced Advanced Pro
Based on niche of your website, we will implement schema markups. It’s helpful to make SERP results better.
Schema markups
As per latest SEO trends, content marketing is the best way of promotion. We create quality content and promote it.
Content Marketing
Basic Advanced Advanced Advanced Pro
As always, people love visuals more than texts. We will prepare eye-catching infographics for your business and promote it.
Infographics & Visuals Creation
Web blogs are a good way to keep your users engaged with your site. We create content of web blogs and publish regularly.
Web blog publications
1 3 5 7
We will regularly post on your social media accounts and keep the users engaged.
Social Media Optimization
We are branding focused and help you in the journey of making your startup to brand.
Basic Basic Advanced Advanced Pro
Press Release is a great way of promotion if you are launching new business or new products. We help you in press release content and promotion.
Press Release*
Backlinks are an important part of SEO. We always build high quality links for you with various link building techniques.
Link Building
We will do guest posting for your business to generate powerful backlinks.
Guest Posting
1 2 3 Custom
We will regularly post on your social media accounts and keep the users engaged.
Social Media Management
Good reputation is always the concern for any business. We will keep an eye on all online activities related to your brand and maintain positive reputation of your business.
Reputation Management
Basic Basic Advanced Advanced Pro
Video marketing is booming now. So, why not promote your business with video? We will do that for you.
Video Marketing
For any eCommerce business, the ultimate goal is to increase sales, we always prepare strategies with this goal.
Sales driven marketing
Basic Advanced Advanced Advanced Pro
We analyze the behavior of existing users and optimize website to get better sales from existing users.
Conversion rate optimization
Basic Basic Advanced Advanced Pro
We will find suitable affiliates for your business who will sale your products and set up affiliate account for you (if required)
Affiliate marketing
Basic Basic Advanced Advanced Pro
We will find suitable social media influencers for your brand. It’s one of the best ways for brand awareness and sales
Influencer marketing
Basic Advanced Advanced Pro
Products reviews always have the better impact to get sales. We help you to get more reviews for your products.
Product Reviews
We will share work and improvement reports in every 10 days.
10 days reports
We will share detailed monthly data studio reports with interactive graphs to understand the performance of our SEO campaign.
Monthly progress reports
One dedicated executive will be assigned to you, who can assist you for all your queries.
Dedicated account representative
Need more information? Call Us:+1 954 399 6806

*We'll provide a fully signed NDA for your project confidentiality.

eCommerce SEO Packages




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A flexible, low-risk solution for SEO growth – ideal for small companies & start-ups.




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Modern, cutting edge optimization strategies – executed for a Sensible price.




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For businesses ready to get a sophisticated, wide-reaching & dominate Method of SEO.




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If only the finest will do – we provide full-service Search Engine Optimization bundles to Reach your Targets.

Low on Budget? We can change that!

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Key Stats

Local seo key status
44% of people begin their eCommerce journey with a Google search.
57% of B2B marketers confirmed that SEO generates more leads than any other marketing medium.
81% of people make a large purchase only after researching thoroughly.
75% of internet users never scroll past the first page of search engines.
61% of consumers prefer to research about the product before placing an order.
40% of eCommerce sales during the holiday season of 2018 were generated through mobile phones.

eCommerce SEO Road Map

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

1. One-to-One Client Meeting

The meeting doesn’t have to be in person; after all, we are one of the catalysts of the digital age. We would be a failure if we insisted on meeting in person. All we want is an interrupted interaction that helps both the parties to understand each other’s perspectives.

Your call is important to us, literally, and otherwise.

2. Website & Competitor Analysis

We aim to be better at understanding your audience than your adversaries, which is why analyzing and comparing eCommerce SEO strategies of your brand as well as your competitors is essential.

Analysis is the critical starting point of strategic thinking.

3. Right Questions to Set Right Milestones

To map your requirements and objectives, we believe in asking the right questions. Your answers to the same will help us gauge your strengths and weaknesses, making it easier for setting practical milestones.

The important thing is not to stop questioning the right way.

4. eCommerce SEO Keyword Research

Based on your answers, and our analysis, it’s time to dive straight into it! We begin researching on your store’s relevant keywords, the baby step towards your brand’s visibility on the search engine.

Keyword research is market research for the 21st century.

5. Keyword Mapping & Client’s Approval

To put your store’s on-page optimization in action, we initiate mapping the keywords with your site’s web pages after you give an okay sign to the list and context of keyword placements.

We promise, the trick is not to trick Google, but partner with it.

6. Set Up trackings for Traffic & Sales

Next in line is to track the effectiveness of integrating the SEO strategies on-page and off-page by monitoring the traffic to your eCommerce store along with the number of conversions using the right KPIs.

Also, with us, it will never be just about the traffic, but relevant traffic.

7. In-Depth Current Insights Report

What worked, and what didn’t; we use a technical approach to study the results using pertinent key performance indicators to generate an insight report for your eCommerce website SEO.

Numbers have a remarkable story to tell; in our case, it would always be of success.

8. Technical & Onpage SEO Fixes

Our eCommerce SEO specialists rectify the technical on-page errors that need SEO fixes making your web store glitch-free, enhancing the result-driven performance on search engines.

It’s all good until you can fix it, and we can!

9. Content Optimization

Your content won’t bear the crown until it’s optimized with relevant keywords that help your products and categories feature on the first page of the search results. We make sure that happens with our strategic keyword inclusions.

We never lose sight of the fact that all SEO ranking signals revolve around content.

10. CRO based Optimization

While visitor hoarding is definitely one of the agendas, converting them into consumers is what ‘hitting the bull’s eye’ would mean in the eCommerce world. Our CRO optimization strategies never fail to hit the bull’s eye!

Optimizing the rate of conversions on-page is equivalent to optimizing your growth.

11. Content Marketing

Marketing your brand’s content on social media, keeping its optimization in mind, is what content marketing is all about. We make the search game strong using the right keywords your users might choose.

With Content Marketing, we talk with people, not at people.

12. Rich Snippets implementation

Which web page consists of what information, this rich data allows the search engines to understand the structure better. Rich snippets are how extensive information of a brand is displayed on the search results.

Show the world; you are the rockstar of your product with content as a rich snippet.

13. Backlinks Building

SEO is not a show anymore where backlinking was just mere listing. The more authoritative sites link your website, the better your rankings. Google compares your eCommerce website’s relevance with the backlink before connecting them for results.

We focus on garnering ten quality backlinks rather than 10 irrelevant backlinks.

14. Sales-driven Strategies

Everything revolves around sales when it’s eCommerce store you are focusing on, and ideally, all optimization strategies must have sales as the final goal. We derive SEO strategies keeping these conversions in mind.

Sales is no more about selling; it’s more about building trust and education.

15. Detailed Monthly Reports

We generate monthly reports in detail that feature evaluation of your eCommerce strategic planning in keyword performance identifiers, charts, and sheets.

We measure it, so that we can improve it.

16. On-going SEO maintenance & Improvements

Staying updated with Google algorithms is a necessity, and we keep a complete track of it along with working on the maintenance and changes in the SEO optimization on-site.

Google loves you only when your customers do, and we make sure that both love you.

We Believe in Letting our Work Speak

Why opt for eCommerce SEO services to cash your inventory?

  • The entire game of online sales depends on visibility fuelled by SEO
  • Relevancy is crucial when it comes to traffic generation
  • eCommerce SEO speeds up the process of cashing your inventory
  • Building a good rapport with consumers, directly, does not remain unachievable with SEO
  • Optimizing your store proffers results in shape of sales

Why opt for eCommerce SEO services to cash your inventory?

How SEO image

Huptech Web as a preference for eCommerce SEO Company

Experience Matters

Our experience of years has augmented our problem-solving skills and made excellence our partner.

Team Powered by Professionalism

We hire only the best professionals who already have proved their importance in the arena of their expertise.

Hourless Support

Regardless of what day or hour it is, we promise you 24/7 technical as well as business support for the smooth running of the store.

Success Stories

We have augmented the sales and eCommerce scenario of several clients, giving you many success stories as our testimonials.

Reliable Online Conduct

You can rely on us entirely to handle your social handles; we have a reliable team that works on the online reputation of a brand using Commerce SEO.

Competitive Packages

The best part though is that all of our eCommerce SEO services are available at competitive prices to make it affordable for all range brands.

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Frequently asked questions


The pricing of eCommerce SEO Service varies depending on the plan you choose. We offer four different types of packages, namely- Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum, considering your needs. We also provide the custom package where you can modify the requirements as per your needs.


All kinds of eCommerce stores can take the help of SEO services. Online customers remain the same for every online business; only the strategies keep changing.


eCommerce SEO could take several months to show the result. The SEO campaign requires comparatively more time than the PPC campaign. We can’t guarantee the result time, but we can certainly guarantee our commitment!

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