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Tips to Boost Your Online Sales in Dubai

local SEO in Dubai

Welcome to the hyper-digital era where the world resides on the internet, where a child learns to say ‘Hello Siri’ before ‘Good morning, Grandma’ and where it’s impossible to find Nothing. Every random search will lead you to a plethora of sensible links that sometimes makes you feel dumb.

And in this rat-race of staying relevant, if you have taken up the task of bringing your business in the virtual global village of the internet, I congratulate you. You have crossed one ocean. Now, there are a few thousand mountains to go.

But since we are talking about increasing sales from your website in Dubai, I can easily say that just by reading this, we’ll jump over a few hundred mountains together.

Let’s start by taking a few steps towards understanding how to generate leads in Dubai. Or anywhere, for that matter.

1) Your website is your face.

Dubai SEOMore like, your entire personality.

The whole idea of a start-up or venturing into entrepreneurship has become so accessible and possible only because it’s digital. The reason why every Dom, Hick, and Tarry are doing it. And honestly, that’s amazing!

You don’t have to invest in a brick-and-mortar space anymore. You do not have to worry about what neighborhood to choose to open up shop with maximum accessibility.

You now have the whole world who can log on to your shop and buy your services and products.

But with the myriad of people having similar penetrability, isn’t it easy to get lost? It’s more natural to lose attention and hard to be noticed.

In this situation, we need to start right. And the start is your website. And like I said, your website is your face. Your business will be judged by its cover. I know we’ve been taught to not judge a book by its cover, but trust me, that’s all everyone’s going to do.

Build a website that’s attractive but simultaneously easy to understand and use. Research heavily about competitor websites. Think about who your target audience is. Plan your site in a way that makes navigation for the users easy.

Building a website also includes buying a domain, and it’s wise to invest in one. Choose a domain name that is linked to your business. If it’s an e-commerce website, try to add words like ‘store,’ or ‘shop.’ Avoid long names or names hard to understand or pronounce.

Lots of people often wonder what domain to buy or how important is it to have a .ae domain.

While doing competitive search queries in Dubai, not a lot of websites show up on the first page of searches which have a .ae domain. It goes on to say that the .ae domain is not too important. However, there are a few advantages to having that domain.

  • The .ae domain gives and identity to your business. It’s hard to evolve in a particular region and to connect locally if your business doesn’t have a local identity. It helps in networking locally and growing.
  • What’s best is that it helps in building trust amongst the consumers. A lot of people still do not trust foreign sites and like to rely on local websites. The .ae domain improves your business to build trust and reliability.

There. If you’ve got this right and are satisfied with your website, you’ve taken an enormous leap. Slap your back and get ready to cross the next hurdle.

2) Social media presence is your advertisement

Attention is the new currency.

If you want to grab eyeballs, you have to be always present. Social media is no more just ‘social,’ it’s a market, and the people on the other end of the screens are your customers.

Insert yourself into as many channels as possible to drive maximum traffic to your website.

Instagram is a huge market, not just a photo-sharing space. Build the presence of your business and get a conversation started. Conversations are a constant, whether you’re involved or not, so why not be the one to start it. The crowd wants to be engaged, so do not just sell, engage.

Use blogging as a medium to talk about the current market in Dubai. Do thorough research and decide on what language you’d like to use. If you want to create a local buzz, you can choose to use Arabic or Hindi. If you’re going to capture the global market, you can use English.

Make the most of mediums like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Quora, etc. Link the right keywords to your site or blog and get quality traffic. These mediums are the best way to lead generation in Dubai.

3) Marketing is Magic

Marketing StrategyAlmost all the advertisements made today are focusing on engagement rather than marketing. People want to be engaged, and they want their curiosity piqued. And then, they want their curiosity and customer needs satisfied.

And marketing involves online as well as offline marketing. Since before people understood marketing, business people have been practicing it. Whether it’s word-of-mouth or billboards or videos or the current trend of experiential marketing – the bottom line is that you need to catch the customer’s attention.

And most people forget about email marketing and newsletters. Email marketing is a fantastic way to increase your blog or website traffic. Or you can make videos and get an influx of traffic through YouTube too.

The main thing is to get creative. To get experimental. And to grab eyeballs.

4) Search Engine Optimisation is Everything.

Search Engine OptimisationEVERYTHING. Literally.

If we are talking about generating traffic for your website, there’s no way we can skip this. This point is a complete guide for Dubai SEO. The whole process of SEO is to organically increase website traffic.

Imagine if you had to know the exact URL of a website to access it. Imagine if there was no search bar on Google or Yahoo or Safari. Imagine the plight of users if they didn’t have hundreds of links lined up upon searching a random query.

The Internet suddenly seems a complicated blank world, doesn’t it?

The magic behind the ease with which our queries are solved is SEO. Google, or any other search engine, has a crawler that ‘reads’ information. When you throw a query at it, it searches for the keywords and the topics and lists links of relevance on your screens.

So when it comes to Dubai SEO services, there are a lot of things one needs to consider.

1. Keywords are the key

Whenever anyone tries to look up for your website, they’ll type in some keywords. The magic lies in the keywords. It’s crucial to figure out how your target audience or customers are searching for the services or products in Dubai.

It’s important to understand that the keywords you use for a particular city or country differ from that of another. Since Dubai has a wide surfeit of people, the keywords they use, and the language they search in might be very different.

In that case, a lot of businesses find it easier to target users through keywords related to their business instead of targeting demographics.

Adding local keywords helps businesses widen the prospect of increasing their google search rank. Adding the keyword ‘Dubai’ will consequently help your customers narrow down their search. For example, ‘Clinics in Dubai’ or ‘Dubai newspaper.’

Use keywords, but don’t use them so much that it looks like you’ve done keyword stuffing. Also, it’s excellent to use popular catchphrases, but make sure that it’s not too popular or you’ll lose your identity in the pool of content that’s using the same phrase.

It’s of utmost importance that the right amount of research is done in selecting the keywords that can ensure a smooth process of local SEO in Dubai. See how I slipped in those keywords?

2. Content is the king

Content is the kingEven if you have put to use every rule in the book of Search Engine Optimisation, it will go to fail if your content is terrible. Your users will visit your site and never return if your content doesn’t satisfy them. Sorry for scaring you. But, better to be scared than sad.

How do you know whether your content is good or not?

Easy. Research and compare. See your competitor’s content and then strive to be better. Google needs to discover your content, and that’s only possible if you have the relevant keywords and information.

Relevancy is losing value these days because of inorganic methods of using SEO. But, that’s the only key to consistent traffic to your website. Write relevant content that engages your audience.

Search engines cannot understand content used in images and certain other design elements and hence, relies heavily on text. Use words that add value.

So many people wonder what went wrong when they wrote content with correct keywords and relevant information. To them, I just have one thing to say. Maybe your content wasn’t interesting or attractive enough for your customers.
So with everything right under the hood, make sure your content is better than your competitors’. God, there’s so much pressure!

3. Local Dubai Links

Local Dubai SEO LinksGetting links from various sites is a cherry on the cake. It only emphasizes on your credibility and reputation. If a reputable site adds a link to your page, it only adds more value and legitimacy to the service or product you have to offer.

Dubai being the target market, getting links from local businesses, to make your business more relevant to Dubai. You can try famous local bloggers, community pages, local contests that have their websites or blogs, Dubai event sites, job posting sites, vendor websites, etc.

Build your network. Nothing works better than building a professional network based on helping build each other.

4. Google Maps Optimisation

Remember that time when the old folks in our family always had that big fat Yellow book around them?

Well, now those have become irrelevant to Google Maps Optimisation.

All the relevant details of the business – the address, phone number, website, timings, etc., are mentioned on Google with off-page optimization technique.

Small and big business alike, now understand the importance of Google Maps Optimisation. It not only increases awareness among the consumers about the business but also increases website traffic.

The business that is a small benefit highly from this since it increases their visibility in the search engines and increases their local activity.

5) PPC Campaigns are a booster pack

PPC CampaignsAll of the above are ways to organically increase your website traffic, which are free. Now, if you have money to spend, PPC campaigns are the best way to increase your visibility, which ensures traffic.

PPC is ‘pay per click’ which is an advertising model where advertisers pay for each click that a user does. Which means you are paying to buy visits for your site.

One of the most popular forms is search engine advertising.

Do you know those ads that pop up while you are searching for a particular item on the internet? Well, that’s what we are talking about. The only difference is now you’ll be on the other side of it.

A lot of work is done to make a good PPC campaign – research, correct keywords, organizing them into the right ad groups, setting up landing pages for conversion. If your landing pages satisfy the consumers, Google charges less per click. And that means more profit.

And who doesn’t like that?

All you need to do is be relevant, make a good PPC ad, use an attractive copy, use the correct keywords, refine your landing pages, and yeah, that’s it.

You do believe me now when I said you have a few thousand mountains to cross. Don’t you?


The Transition Of e-Store into e-Santa Through Christmas-Centric Optimization

Christmas sales online

Ho, Ho, Ho!

The festival of a rotund, white-bearded man covered in a red coat and white-fur-cuffed red trousers is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to get our share of surprises.

And so do the e-commerce and mobile shoppers.

Over the past few years, the Christmas celebration has been a real frenzy for these users because it’s the perfect time when they get to witness Santa Clause.

Yes. Santa – in their home – right into their mobile devices.

I call them e-Santa.

Don’t trust me?

When all the e-commerce platforms offer gifts and gratuity, they are nothing less than e-Santa.

Just as Santa, they stitch expectations, incites surprises, take care of gratification, and finally deliver.

It’s the period when stores turn into virtuously big-hearted almsgivers.

But the e-commerce stores need to adopt complex measures to present themselves as close as Santa during this righteous festival, and you shouldn’t neglect it if you own a store too.

Just in case if you are planning to brighten-up the festival of your customers – give them reasons to think of you as Santa.

Let’s help these customers discover Santa-figure in you by becoming one.

Table Of Content

9 ways to evolve into e-Santa

  1. Dress-up as Santa – Convert the store Ambiance
  2. Keep your gift bag ready – offer schemes and promotions
  3. Climb up the reindeer sleigh- guarantee prioritize and fast delivery
  4. Reindeer sleighs don’t charge – follow the same
  5. Last-minute wish makers (shoppers) – pull off the expectations
  6. Make the present more presentable – wrap things up
  7. Sing relevant Christmas songs – make Christmas content
  8. Run like Reindeer sleigh – use accelerated mobile page
  9. The bonus method – don’t behave as Santa yet look more like Santa – Have a slim stomach

Unwrapping the final words

9 ways to evolve into e-Santa

1) Dress-up as Santa – Convert the store Ambiance.

Dress-up as SantaWell, the first step towards becoming Santa is to dress-up in its attire.

That applies to your store too.

Converting your store into a Santa-based theme is an excellent idea to start with.

Adding up snowy stars or winter-themed elements with a pinch of red lights and green trees bring about a decent flair in the store.

It sets up the festival tone in the heads of the customers, thereby leading to bonafide and tangible store image.

Also, observe Santa’s cloth – the simplicity sits at the par, and he doesn’t try to overload himself with fancy draping.

Similarly, the thematic changes in your store should be simple and easy on your eyes – not something that distracts the purpose.

Minimal changes can give you the best output because major conversion may hit your ranks on the search engine.

So, the responsibility lies in your hands to drape your store in Santa’s wear, but not much that it looks out of place.

2) Keep your gift bag ready – offer, schemes, and promotions.

Christmas marketing campaignsWell, Santa is a celebrated figure because it fulfills the dreams of all the dreamers.

Just try your hands in its bag, and you’ll get access to the interminable gift store – the bag which has all the worldly gifts.

That’s what you need to make your store – a gift store that has something great to offer on the products.

Also, most of the stores adopt standard sales practices such as theme-specific sales or holiday sales during Christmas.

However, some don’t seem to take it seriously and end up losing a considerable market pie chart.

Christmas sales, promotions, and offers urge users to pick items before the festival season dies – they get the clue that the offers are for a limited period.

I understand that it’s challenging to cut down on your profit to satisfy customer’s interest; however, most of the buyers expect more than 50% discount on Christmas.

So, try devising a generous discounting method, charge less than your competitors, and freeze your profit despite building a Santa-image around.

3) Climb up the reindeer sleigh – guarantee prioritize and fast delivery.

Climb up the reindeer sleighPeople expect Santa to knock their doors before the festival ends.

And Santa doesn’t disappoint them – his reindeer sleigh is too fast to leave any wish unfulfilled.

And that’s what they expect from your store as well.

Their orders should go as per the promise for any delay that would kill their excitement.

However, it is a tough ask because Santa’s sleigh moves at the speed of 650 miles per second— almost 300 times the speed of sound in air.

Don’t worry! You don’t have to replicate that speed.

You only have to guarantee the delivery before the d-day – make them feel that they are your priority, and you might knock their homes and offices at any time.

It ensures the customers that you empathize with their feelings this season, and recognize that guaranteed delivery will uplift their gifting sentiments.

Give them the assurity that your reindeer sleigh is ever ready to carry their products, and they should be prepared to get hold of the product any time now.

4) Reindeer sleighs don’t charge – follow the same.

Reindeer sleighs don’t chargeYou’d shut away Santa when he gets to your door and forces shipping charges.

SC: *I need to feed my reindeers, give me the shipping charges*
You: *Oh, please! Cut that out! I am returning the item. Buzz off*

But Santa doesn’t behave that way.

It is way too generous, and the quality should be the spirit animal for your store – at least till you have online Christmas sales.

Free shipping is the best type of discount/gift you could give to your customers – probably; this is why it has become one of the highly anticipated holiday marketing strategies.

In fact, 75% of the customers support free shipping and 85% back out when they fail to find Christmas sales online. [1]

So, be an ideal Santa who advances to countless homes without expecting anything in return – because you are Santa, your audience isn’t.

5) Last-minute wish makers (shoppers) – pull off the expectations.

holiday marketing strategiesSanta likes to cover all the orders.

Whether you make wishes two months before Christmas or two-days before it – the roly-poly chubby man emblazoned in red always ensures that all the gifts get delivered as early as possible.

You have to do the same for your last-minute shoppers.

Statistically, the last-minute shoppers exist in all corners of the world, and you should gear up for meeting their orders as soon as you can.

Fulfilling their orders in short notice develops a sense of credibility and quality trust among customers, which often converge into loyalty too.

Moreover, when you have beaten their expectations, you can look forward to having them in your store more often.

That will push you one step closer to becoming e-Santa.

6) Make the present more presentable – wrap things up.

Make the present more presentableAccording to the urban legends, Santa doesn’t give the unwrapped gift.

The purpose of Santa is to generate excitement and unfold them.

And needless to mention that that wrapper creates an air of suspense and delivers the bundle of joy.

You would want to do something of a similar order.

The Christmas season is about gifting families and close ones and recognizing that wrappers can ease up people’s jobs who don’t want to waste their time in finding gift packaging service.

You can add this as an additional service to send the message loud and clear to your audience that you care about them and their bundle of joy— and you are willing to make the items more presentable for them.

You can charge them for wrappers; however, free embellishment has a proven track record for better conversion.

7) Sing relevant Christmas songs – make Christmas content

Christmas contentCould you ever imagine Santa grooving over Pink Floyd numbers?


Because he understands the relevance of Christmas – he knows that Christmas deserves Christmas songs rather than sabbath or Easter hymns, which don’t make sense at this point in time in the year.

So, he goes on to sing Jingle Bells and The Christmas Carol.

Similarly, the customers should find relevance in your store when they shop during the Christmas season.

The web content, product description, and the blog content should revolve around Christmas.

And add more relevance to your store by assisting the best Christmas buys.

Having X-mas content like “Top 5 gifting articles this Christmas” or “Become Santa at your workplace by gifting the top 10 best items” can dispel the doubts of customers who have been keeping patience with the selection.

Linking your products to these blogs, and kicking in the purchase zest with catchy lines like “unfold the product to see the magic,” will further up the shape of e-Santa.

Also, add Christmas flavor to the product description and give users the crispy yet relevant reason to think of your items as ideal Christmas gifts.

If time doesn’t permit, try to add the relevant content for popular products – the products which can lead the way to higher conversion.

8) Run like Reindeer sleigh – use accelerated mobile page.

use accelerated mobile pageSanta barely takes a jiffy to reach from one point to another – thanks to its super agile reindeer sleigh.

That should be the priority of your store – in and out.

Your aspiration to become e-Santa may drain to conduct if you don’t speed up your e-commerce store.

Speeding up your store refers to improving the page response time.

Even the wish makers stop making wishes when Santa doesn’t show up on time – you are just a store.

With the help of Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP), show up your page in a wink.

It’s a Google-backed technique which is known to cut-short the page load time, and add cherries on the user-experience.

You can call it vital because an average customer only spends 10-20 seconds on a web page.

It means that the window of attention for you is too small, and you can’t afford to decapitate this opportunity because of page loading issues.

To make this fruit sweeter, get SEO services, and unique holiday marketing ideas from eCommerce marketing agencies and experts of the industry.

They understand that user-experience is directly proportional to user-engagement, and their motivation to improve your page performance can inch you closer to Santa.

9) The bonus method – don’t behave as Santa yet look more like Santa – Have a slim stomach.

look more like SantaWhile all the above steps ask you to behave like Santa, the bonus method advocates a contrary characteristic.

Go! Get yourself a slim stomach, unlike Santa!

Having a slim stomach means minimizing your profit for spreading smiles at this carnival.

The slimmer your stomach, the closer you get to the Santa Avatar (as Santa doesn’t think of profit this season).

Unwrapping the final words

Christmas is not about disappointing anyone, but spreading words of Santa – to care, love, and prioritize.

And if you own an e-commerce store, you have the opportune moment to share those words by following these simple optimizing techniques.

If you are proactive in understanding and executing these measures, you can quickly drive traffic on your will— and nothing could stop your e-store from turning into e-Santa.

Heatmap: Visual Analysis Tool


Content marketers are constantly looking for ways to evaluate the success of their marketing efforts. It is important for every organization to access the success or failure of their digital marketing efforts. 

In today’s digital era organizations are constantly investing in ways to attract customers. Gone are the days when the customer would walk to your store, today every product or service is delivered at the customer’s doors. 

The increase in competition has forced organizations to work hard and attract consumers. Bounce rates, conversion rates, click-through rates, and customer engagement are the new metrics of marketing success. An important tool in measuring this success is Heatmap: Visual Analysis Tool.

heatmap visual analysis tool

Image Source: Unknown

Yes, you are successful in bringing a visitor to your website through targeted online advertisements. But what if you are not getting enough conversions? Why are the users not clicking on the demo button? Why are there no marketing qualified leads generated? Where are the sales?

You know that your CTA is working perfectly. There is increased traffic on your website. The digital analytics page also shows favorable statistics. Then what is wrong? 

A very important part of search engine optimization is that of tweaking the website to the visitor’s needs. Focusing on what will engage a visitor on your website is the key.

It is crucial to know what areas on your website are working well. And what areas need improvement. Most users spend not more than a few seconds on a webpage. It is important that you attract and engage your viewers from the first second. 

The amount of time a user spends on your website informs you of the usefulness of your website content. Google ranks pages with high user interaction higher. It tells google about the quality of your website content. How deep the user goes in your website is an important factor that should be considered by all marketers alike. 

google page heatmap

How people view Google Search Results Page / Image Source: Unknown

It does not matter whether you are making a landing page, home page or product page. The amount of time the user spends interacting with that page can tell you a lot about where the problem is. 

Google analytics measure bounce rates and tells website owners how much time is an average user spending on their website. A high bounce rate means that they leave very fast. A low bounce rate means that they are interacting with your website content. 

Imagine if you could see where the user is moving on your website. If you see where they click. What if we said you could see their activity instantly. Track their movements on your website live. That is what a Heatmap is. A visual analytics tool that tracks every activity of visitors on your website.

Heatmaps are used to analyze how each visitor moves on your website. It radiates sections of the website that is most engaged with. When multiple users interact with the same area on your website Heatmaps pick that up and highlight that area. 

This information can be instrumental in developing successful campaigns and optimizing your website for lower bounce rates and better conversion rates. Knowing which Call to Action buttons works best on your website or landing page is crucial for future successful campaigns. 

Success in the online world is based on how well you can connect with users. Visual analysis is an effective way to find out what connects with your users. If can be instrumental in placing your website content strategically.

Getting the ad placement right plays an important role in the success of your ad and call to action campaigns. Visual analysis improves the usability of your webpages. It gives direct consumer inputs to better design your websites. There are softwares that help you analyze this visually. They display the hot and cold areas of your website. 

Google analytics provides business owners with heatmaps of their webpages. They provide visual reports and individual session recordings that inform you where your users are coming from, which areas of the website are they navigating to and where they get stuck. Instead of using paid software you can achieve the same level of tracking by using your google analytics account for free. Follow this detailed tutorial to find out how to set up heat maps visual analytics with the help of your google analytics account. 

Another visual analysis tool, Crazy Egg also facilitates A/B testing of your webpages. Helping website designers and developers to make data-backed decisions about the right color, images, copy, or content placement. Tools like this can drastically improve the performance of your webpages. 

There are three main types of heatmaps that aid visual analysis of websites:

Mouse Movement Maps

While surfing online, users use their mouse cursors to navigate. They hover over various parts of a webpage until they find something that attracts them. Knowing where your visitors hover on your webpage and where this hover trail ends can tell you a lot about their experience.

The closest to eye-tracking tests, mouse movement heatmaps is a tool that represents mouse movement of all visitors. It tracks how users read and navigate your webpage. It also provides concrete data about how many visitors hover over a particular area on your webpage. 

mouse movement map

Mouse Movement Heatmap / Image Source: Hotjar

Is the free delivery sticker getting enough mouse hovers? Is your money back guarantee badge getting enough visitor attention? Is your latest product offer attracting user attention?

These are a few of the many questions that mouse movement heat maps can help answer. 

Mouse movement heat maps are instrumental in understanding how users interact with your content. It can help you identify which visitor converts into a sale and which don’t. Further, this input can be used for effective and efficient A/B testing of your digital marketing campaigns and designing your landing pages for the same.

Scroll Maps

Every website is a collection of product, service or company-related content piled up one on top of the other. Website designers, developers, and content writers are tirelessly working on optimizing the entire journey of a visitor from the top section to the bottom of the page. 

As a business owner, you would want to understand which sections of the webpage are users spending the most time at. The goal is to navigate the user to the most important sales-generating areas of the website. 

Scroll maps inform you statistics about how much a user scrolls down on your webpage. It informs how well is the header image working to engage visitors? A scroll map typically displays the percentage of users abandoning your website at different levels of the webpage. 

scroll map

Scroll Map / Image Source: Hotjar

Product pages with important information are longer than expected. A scroll map helps you assess the effectiveness of your content. If a user scrolls down below the fold that means your content is engaging and the user was interested enough to scroll down the page. 

Scroll maps also give crucial information about the best places for your call to action buttons. You would want to place your call to action buttons in an area where visitors scroll maximum. The bottom of the page CTAs can be moved up based on your scroll map readings. Scroll maps are direct user inputs in restructuring your web page content. 

Click Maps

A website is laced with different sections leading users to different parts of a webpage. Page sections such as about us, blog, products, services, client portfolio are a few common examples of click points for visitors. 

Apart from this, there are many call to action buttons placed all over a webpage. An attractive offer for the best selling product at the top of the page, Terms and conditions page, product information page, lab test reports that validate your product or a subscribe form.

click map

Click Map / Image Source: Hotjar

Click maps are visual analysis heat maps that document the clicks that different areas on your webpage get. A click maps records where users are clicking on your webpage. 

In a hyper-competitive market, bad design is bad for business. Websites that confuse visitors seldom generate sales. Using click maps designers can identify areas of the website that need to be redesigned for optimum performance.

These three major heatmaps can solve a lot of problems for websites. They can increase the efficiency of content, call to action buttons, banners, advertisements, everything. Information about how the user behaves on your webpage can be a useful tool. In the era of content marketing and inbound marketing, understanding how users interact with your website means everything. Hope this blog helps you better design your website and enhance visitor engagement.

Effective Call-To-Action In Your Blog Posts That Actually Works!

cta for blog

Call to Action that gets Click-Through Reactions

A Call to Action button is exactly that. It invites the viewer to take the desired action. When a visitor on your blog or landing page actually clicks on that button it is called a conversion. 

A website, blog, social media pages, youtube channel or any other online presence is for the sole purpose of driving traffic and generating leads for increased sales. With the power of the internet, it has become easier to reach your customers. The internet is a level playing field in a lot of ways. Everybody has to work on content, creativity is of immense importance on the internet. 

There are around 1 billion sites live on the internet. You have to work smart and device ways to be different. Stand out from the crowd of millions of company websites. Call to Action buttons are one of those things that help you stand out from the rest. 

Call to Action definition

Call to Action buttons are hyperlinked areas on your website, landing page, blog or emails that help the user take the desired action. These areas are usually button-shaped to make it more appealing to viewers and hence the name, ‘Call to Action button’ came. It could be of any size and any shape, as long as it works and converts users into subscribers, leads, followers or shares. 

Blogging is a place on the internet where you share knowledge. Every organization is working hard to produce attractive content for their blogs. A primary motive of blogging is attracting visitors to your webpage. Hope that the inbound method will turn tables someday and the user will click on the products page and select a product and make a sale. That was the traditional way. 

Call to Action phrases examples

Suppose there is a blog which is telling you about the benefits of cycling and the best cycles and accessories there is. You are a fitness freak that is sure to buy a bicycle and accessories. While you reach the end of this interesting blog you see a “ride now” button sitting there. 

With all the information adrenaline coursing through your veins, there is a high chance that you might just click on that little button that says “ride now”. 

That is a perfectly placed CTA. It invites action from the user at the right time, at the right place in the right way. These are three important principles for successful CTAs. 

At the right time

Call to Action buttons are most effective when they hit the user at the right time. It could be right after an important message, right before giving them valuable statistics, in-between an important part of a report. A few use cases for clarity.

At the right place

Everybody knows that advertisements that pop up in your face are irritating. It is important to place your CTAs well. Below an important piece of information, above an infographic, or at the end. We will go over these in detail in the next section.

In the right way

CTAs are to gently nudge your visitor into a prospect, lead or sale. The choice of words, the procedure afterward are very important. Every organization must device sophisticated gentle ways of asking their visitors to do something. The tone of voice should be well thought.

Different Types Of CTAs You Can Use In Blog

A blog is a well-structured piece of content that aims at providing value to the user. Different blogs are intended to help visitors convert into prospects and then into leads finally ending in a sale. 

Call To Action buttons are the best way to direct your visitors to specific landing pages and get conversions out of your content. Blog CTAs can take different formats such as text, infographics, photographs, and buttons. Let’s take a look at a few Blog CTAs.

  • Top Of The Post CTAs

Starting with the most decent and simple CTAs. The topmost areas are also counted as one of the most viewed areas of the webpage. This is where the top of the post-CTAs are placed. It’s made noticeable with contrasting color to swiftly highlights the CTAs to the customer. They stick to the header and do not disturb the reader until the user’s eye runs to it. The benefit of being on the header is that it remains noticeable, the user does not have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to connect with the service of the website. Here is an example video of a persistent header used by Wishpound on their home page. 

  • Bottom Of The Post CTAs

Smart CTAs are tailor-made for the visitor that interacts. You can divide your CTAs based on first time users, subscribers or potential buyers. Visitors that are visiting for the first time will see a form fill up CTA, subscribers will see a lead creation CTA and leads should be shown an MQL CTA. 

CTA For First Time Visitor

get your free ebook now

CTA For Leads

start your free trial

Sales CTA

download now

All these CTAs are targeting a different audience. The language used, the design of the CTAs are all dependent on the use case scenario. There is a lot of difference between ‘Get my free guide’ ‘Start your free trial now’ and ‘download now’. All three are directed at specific reactions according to the visitor on the page. 

  • Pop Up CTAs

They are one of the most effective CTAs. You may have noticed the pop-up appearing on some websites when you start reading the article, it’s the pop-up CTAs. Many people like it to show the most suitable context CTAs, while on the other side it is also felt like a diversion by people visiting a website. Here’s an instance of Wishpond that efficiently shows the context of how it’s being served, and focusing on the advantage itself.

  • Connect to social media CTAs

If somebody has read your post chances are they want to know more. Direct your visitors to directly connect with your company of their preferred social media channels. In today’s on the go lifestyle. Connecting with your users on social media increase the reach of your company. 

social media cta

With the right content read by the right audience, you are sure to have an impact on your social media following. Take this social media CTA example from Huptech blogs. We have kept hovering social media CTAs that give readers the chance to connect whenever they feel that way. 

  • Blog Subscription CTAs

To increase the effectiveness of your blogs you need to build a readership. To build a readership, subscription CTAs are a time tested way. When devised strategically and placed at the right place. Subscription blogs have seldom been left unfilled. 

subscribe cta

A subscription CTA must be gentle in a tone of voice, attractive in design and easy to convert. Take this subscription CTA from Marijuana Span. ‘Join the Marijuana Community’ sounds like a welcoming thing to say. It is easy to use and placed well between a Wikipedia kind index and another polling CTA. Readers that like what they read won’t have to spend a second in joining the marijuana community and signing up for emails. 

  • Comment below CTAs

Every now and then there comes a blog topic that is sure to get engagement. The people want to read about and comment on. Such topics must have an in-text CTA. 

Comment CTAs are typically embedded at the end of the blog. Putting forward a final point and asking the readers about their comments on the same. Numerous bloggers have gained overnight readership with such CTAs.

Blogging, content, and call to action

Blogging is the place where companies produce the most content. Hours of research, numerous drafts and edits lead to a complete blog that is published. Organizations must use this resource and extract full value out of the time spent creating a blog. Infographics from a blog could serve as perfect CTAs in emails, social media posts, and other discussion platforms. 

Repurposing the content is an effective strategy while designing CTAs. Look through all your blogs and single out topics and CTA slogans from them. Devising blog specific CTAs have resulted in increased traffic, conversions and leads for companies.

Good blogging techniques, coupled with well-researched content always leads to higher Call to Action conversion rates. Keep blogging, keep reading and keep commenting below to give suggestions and blog requests.

Know Your Customer Through Google “Micro-Moments”

what are google micro moments

Today’s consumers are working their way through drastically evolving, ongoing process of the web on their smartphones. Each step they take, lead them towards the “Buy now” button. And consumers’ approach sounds like “I want it Now”.

Being a marketer, you would be knowing this change. But do you know there is an official name for it? Google describes these steps as “Micro Moments”, and it is a quite important aspect of the digital world. 

What are Micro-Moments?

Think With Google defines micro-moments as, “critical touch points within today’s consumer journey.”

Google Micro Moments

Micro-Moments are becoming trending, so it is time for the business to take them seriously. Implementing a business strategy according to users’ behaviour will ensure your brand provides competitive offers and seamless purchase experience.