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Blog CTAs : Call to Action that gets Click-Through Reactions

A Call to Action button is exactly that. It invites the viewer to take the desired action. When a visitor on your blog or landing page actually clicks on that button it is called a conversion. Hold on! We’ll give you the live demo. Check out our Hire Shopify developer… or maybe PPC services! Did you see the CTAs we used? Amazing, aren’t they?

A website, blog, social media pages, youtube channel or any other online presence is for the sole purpose of driving traffic and generating leads for increased sales. With the power of the internet, it has become easier to reach your customers. The internet is a level playing field in a lot of ways. Everybody has to work on content, creativity is of immense importance on the internet. 

There are around 1 billion sites live on the internet. You have to work smart and device ways to be different. Stand out from the crowd of millions of company websites. Call to Action buttons are one of those things that help you stand out from the rest. 

Call to Action definition

CTA buttons are hyperlinked areas on your website, landing page, blog or emails that help the user take the desired action. These button-shaped areas usually make it more appealing to viewers and hence the name, ‘Call to Action button’ came. It could be of any size and any shape, as long as it works and converts users into subscribers, leads, followers or shares. 

Blogging is a place on the internet where you share knowledge. Every organization is working hard to produce attractive content for their blogs. A primary motive of blogging is attracting visitors to your webpage. Hope that the inbound method will turn tables someday and the user will click on the products page and select a product and make a sale.

Ahh! We never fail to flaunt our pages. Check out the buttons here: SEO services… and here.. eCommerce development services. What do you think of those buttons? But those are service pages. But the rules don’t change for blog CTAs. The remain pretty much the same. Wait! Let’s show you.

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You see how we have placed the CTAs in our blogs and pillar posts?

That was the traditional way.

Call to Action phrases examples

Suppose there is a blog which is telling you about the benefits of cycling and the best cycles and accessories there is. You are a fitness freak that is sure to buy a bicycle and accessories. While you reach the end of this interesting blog you see a “ride now” button sitting there. 

With all the information adrenaline coursing through your veins, there is a high chance that you might just click on that little button that says “ride now”. 

Now that’s what you call a perfectly balanced CTA. It invites action from the user at the right time, at the right place in the right way. These are three important principles for successful CTAs. 

At the right time

Call to Action buttons are most effective when they hit the user at the right time. It could be right after an important message, right before giving them valuable statistics, in-between an important part of a report. A few use cases for clarity.

At the right place

Everybody knows that advertisements that pop up in your face are irritating. It is important to place your CTAs well. Below an important piece of information, above an infographic, or at the end. We will go over these in detail in the next section.

In the right way

CTAs are to gently nudge your visitor into a prospect, lead or sale. The choice of words, the procedure afterward are very important. Every organization must device sophisticated gentle ways of asking their visitors to do something. The tone of voice should be well thought.

Finally, a good CTA can reduce cart abandonment. A good CTA can increase about us page or any page conversion.

Different Types Of CTAs You Can Use In Blog

A blog is a well-structured piece of content that aims at providing value to the user. Different blogs are intended to help visitors convert into prospects and then into leads finally ending in a sale. 

Call To Action buttons are the best way to direct your visitors to specific landing pages and get conversions out of your content. Blog CTAs can take different formats such as text, infographics, photographs, and buttons. Let’s take a look at a few Blog CTAs.

Blog CTAs #1: Top Of The Post CTAs

Starting with the most decent and simple CTAs. The topmost areas are also counted as one of the most viewed areas of the webpage. This is where the top of the post-CTAs are placed. It’s made noticeable with contrasting color to swiftly highlights the CTAs to the customer. They stick to the header and do not disturb the reader until the user’s eye runs to it. The benefit of being on the header is that it remains noticeable, the user does not have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to connect with the service of the website. Here is an example video of a persistent header used by Wishpound on their home page. 

Blog CTAs #2: Bottom Of The Post CTAs

Smart CTAs are tailor-made for the visitor that interacts. You can divide your CTAs based on first time users, subscribers or potential buyers. Visitors that are visiting for the first time will see a form fill up CTA, subscribers will see a lead creation CTA and leads should be shown an MQL CTA. 

CTA For First Time Visitor

get your free ebook now

CTA For Leads

start your free trial

Sales CTA

download now

All these CTAs are targeting a different audience. The language used, the design of the CTAs are all dependent on the use case scenario. There is a lot of difference between ‘Get my free guide’ ‘Start your free trial now’ and ‘download now’. All three are directed at specific reactions according to the visitor on the page. Check how we used CTA at the end in our digital marketing services page. 

Blog CTAs #3: Pop Up CTAs

They are one of the most effective CTAs. You may have noticed the pop-up appearing on some websites when you start reading the article, it’s the pop-up CTAs. Many people like it to show the most suitable context CTAs, while on the other side it is also felt like a diversion by people visiting a website. Here’s an instance of Wishpond that efficiently shows the context of how it’s being served, and focusing on the advantage itself.


Many eCommerce stores also use exit overlay strategies to reduce cart abandonment and convert more people. It’s nothing but the exit intent when users leave.

Blog CTAs #4: Connect to social media CTAs

If somebody has read your post chances are they want to know more. Direct your visitors to directly connect with your company of their preferred social media channels. In today’s on the go lifestyle. Connecting with your users on social media increase the reach of your company. 

social media cta

With the right content read by the right audience, you are sure to have an impact on your social media following. Take this social media CTA example from Huptech blogs. We have kept hovering social media CTAs that give readers the chance to connect whenever they feel that way. Wait! You’d want to check these blogs… just observe how we use social media CTAs.

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If you carefully look at these blogs, you’ll realise how CTAs have stayed consistent across them. So it’s crucial you maintain consistency, apart from having an appealing CTA.

Blog CTAs #5: Blog Subscription CTAs

To increase the effectiveness of your blogs you need to build a readership. To build a readership, subscription CTAs are a time tested way. When devised strategically and placed at the right place. Subscription blogs have seldom been left unfilled. 

subscribe cta

A subscription CTA must be gentle in a tone of voice, attractive in design and easy to convert. Take this subscription CTA from Marijuana Span. ‘Join the Marijuana Community’ sounds like a welcoming thing to say. It is easy to use and placed well between a Wikipedia kind index and another polling CTA. Readers that like what they read won’t have to spend a second in joining the marijuana community and signing up for emails. 

Blog CTAs #6: Comment below CTAs

Every now and then there comes a blog topic that is sure to get engagement. The people want to read about and comment on. Such topics must have an in-text CTA. 

Comment CTAs are typically embedded at the end of the blog. Putting forward a final point and asking the readers about their comments on the same. Numerous bloggers have gained overnight readership with such CTAs.

Blogging, content, and call to action

Blogging is the place where companies produce the most content. Hours of research, numerous drafts and edits lead to a complete blog that is published. Organizations must use this resource and extract full value out of the time spent creating a blog. Infographics from a blog could serve as perfect CTAs in emails, social media posts, and other discussion platforms. You can use that as your social media and email marketing strategy!!

Repurposing the content is an effective strategy while designing CTAs. Look through all your blogs and single out topics and CTA slogans from them. Devising blog specific CTAs have resulted in increased traffic, conversions and leads for companies.

Good blogging techniques, coupled with well-researched content always leads to higher Call to Action conversion rates. Keep blogging, keep reading and keep commenting below to give suggestions and blog requests.

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Rishi Thakker

Rishi Thakker

Rishi Thakker is the founder and CEO of Huptech Web, an eCommerce development and marketing firm that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. His unique writing tips give startups and well-known brands a palpable action plan full of innovation unmatched.

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